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We have tried every resin that exists and put it to the test. HERO resin simply outperforms all of them. The finished product is strong enough to withstand drops and rough tabletop play because it is the perfect combination of flexibility and hardness. We at Dungeon Runner Miniatures only use HERO resin for our customers because we want to give them the absolute best product we can. To achieve that goal only HERO resin will do.


I own a printing company and this is by far the best all around resin i have used (3DRS HARD). It combines strength, durability and just enough flex to not be brittle. I have tried most resin brands out there looking for a resin like this. I highly recommend it


Don't usually leave reviews for anything, but just in case some of you are on the fence about this resin I would just like to say that it's the best resin I've personally used for minis. There are a lot of good resins, but I think Hero is hard to beat. It has good flex so dropped minis stand a better chance from breaking. What I like is that despite the flex it doesn't give up any detail. I've tried Siraya fast with siraya tenacious mixed in and while that did have good flex the mini lost too much detail. Hero gets rid of this problem and is really just the best of both worlds.


Low Odor, great detail...

3DRS Hard is perfect for my use (busts and miniatures). The low odor is just another perk but worth mentioning for those sensitive to smells.

Jon A Hammersley

Very easy to Use...

I bought a heap of this stuff (3DRS Standard V2). It prints easy on my Mars and Saturn. So far only 1 fail but it was due to supports on my end. Will buy more

Dynamik Creations

Only resin for my minis! While this resin is more expensive and does take longer to print (HERO Tough), I *still* save time and money (and heartache) because of how durable my miniatures are


After Lots of Testing / Learning it is the Best Resin I have used!!


Great Resin & Superb Customer Service!

3DRS has a great product, excellent support and fantastic customer service. The Hard resin is the main resin I use in my business. Keep up the great work 3DRS team! Have a great day!

Simon Doran

Quality and quality!

Started printing on a few anycubic machines, got great results with great detail and the price is unbeatable! (3DRS Standard V2)

Todd calhoun
Los Angeles, CA

All products formulated, manufactured, and distributed in the U.S.A.

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3D Resin Solutions
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3D Resin Solutions
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