#3DRS American 3D Photopolymer

All of our resins were designed with active participation from our community and we never stop developing. Thank you for checking us out, we hope you become part of the team. Contact Us for custom resin development or industry applications.

Don't take our word for it...


This is the number one resin I use for making orders in my Etsy Store. The Standard V2 shows outstanding details, minimal shrinking and offers great rigidity. Also you can't go wrong with the darker grey color, PERFECT!


UNBELIEVABLE is how I can best describe this resin (HERO Grey). I print 400+ miniatures per week and have tried it all...Elegoo ABS, Siraya fast/tenacious/blu/sculpt, water washable resins, etc... etc... looking for the best resin for my models.

Shawn M

A Staple of my Shop! I run a miniatures shop and this has become my go-to resin for anything that doesn't need special properties. Things like miniature bases, buildings, vehicle treads, etc. There is no need to spend more on flexible or extra strength resin for these kinds of parts. The standard resin is perfect for these jobs. I'll still use the Hero series for miniatures with fiddly bits, but they are standing on the Standard resin.

Jason L

AFTER LOTS OF TESTING / LEARNING IT IS THE BEST RESIN I HAVE USED!! I finally got the hang of the exposure and support settings I needed to make Hero Tough work for my machine and prints -- simply put this stuff blows EPAX Tough (mixed with Tenacious) out of the water.


Only Resin For My Minis! While this resin is more expensive and does take longer to print, I *still* save time and money (and heartache) because of how durable my miniatures are. (HERO Tough)