Multi-Purpose Thermal (coming soon)
Multi-Purpose Thermal (coming soon)
Multi-Purpose Thermal (coming soon)
Multi-Purpose Thermal (coming soon)

Multi-Purpose Thermal (coming soon)

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Introducing Multi-Purpose Thermal: A New Era in 3D Printing Resin

Join the waitlist for the Kickstarter HERE

The Multi-Purpose Thermal resin is engineered for a wide array of applications, offering exceptional toughness and flexibility across industries—from industrial components and medical devices to consumer goods and educational models. Its adaptability allows for customized properties through varied post-processing techniques, catering to diverse project needs.

  • Industrial Components
  • Medical Devices: Non-implantable items.
  • Table Top Gaming
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Prototyping
  • Jewelry and Art
  • Educational Models
  • Sporting Goods

Download cytotoxicity testing document here

A full Technical Data sheet will be available soon! 

Innovative Partnership

To bring this innovative resin to the forefront of the 3D printing community, we've partnered with Atlas 3DSS. Under this collaboration, we introduce HERCULES, a branded iteration of our Multi-Purpose Thermal resin, available exclusively through our upcoming Kickstarter campaign starting March 21st.

Join the waitlist for the Kickstarter HERE

The Kickstarter campaign is your gateway to early access to HERCULES. Available in 1.5kg pouches for Kickstarter backers. Get huge early bird discounts, Resin Bundles and model bundles for the hobby industry as well. 

Future Availability

Following the Kickstarter, Atlass 3DSS will continue offering HERCULES in 1.5kg pouches. Meanwhile, 3DRS will feature the resin here in larger 4kg jugs, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Join us in revolutionizing 3D printing by signing up for our Kickstarter campaign. Be part of the movement that pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation with the Multi-Purpose Thermal resin.

While the Multi-Purpose Thermal resin transforms into a tough and flexible material post-printing and optional thermal curing, it's important to handle it with care in its liquid state and read all safety information (link below). Like all 3D printing resins, it requires proper safety measures during use to ensure a safe and enjoyable crafting experience. Adherence to safety guidelines ensures you can explore its full potential worry-free.

Download the SDS here

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