ResinReady - Professional Finishing Powder
ResinReady - Professional Finishing Powder

ResinReady - Professional Finishing Powder

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ResinReady Finishing Powder. 

Ships in 100g HIS sealed wide mouth containers. (3.7in diameter x 2.7in height)

ResinReady Finishing Powder, the ultimate companion in your 3D printing journey. Integrates with 3D photopolymers for finishing your resin printed creations. 

Easily fill seams and cracks, ResinReady creates a smooth, consistent finish, paving the way for painting perfection. Tailor the mixture to meet the unique demands of your project.

How to Use:

1. Mixing Precision: start with a 2:1 ratio—two parts ResinReady Finishing Powder to one part 3D photopolymer. Adjust as necessary to meet the specific needs of your project or your proffered viscosity 

2.Thorough Blending: Ensure the powder and photopolymer are mixed thoroughly. Consistency is key for optimal application and finishing - the material will noticeably thicken after a few moments of rest once well blended.

3. Application: Gently apply the blended mixture to seams, cracks, or any areas that require refinement on your 3D model.

4. with a clean towel - ideally lint free - carefully remove any excess material

5. Curing: Allow the applied mixture to cure properly, adhering to the curing instructions of the 3D photopolymer you’re using. Proper curing is crucial for achieving desired durability and finish.

6. Final Touches: Once cured, your model is ready for sanding,  painting or any additional finishing touches. ResinReady leaves your piece with a fine matte finish, ensuring an optimal base for paint and other applications.

Mixing Tips:

  • Layered Application Approach: Start with a thicker mix for the initial application to robustly fill and cover larger gaps and seams. After allowing the first layer to partially cure, apply subsequent layers using a thinner mixture for finer finishing and detailing. This multi-layer approach facilitates enhanced depth and precision in the finishing process.

  • Ensure a clean, dust-free environment for the best results, maintaining the purity and effectiveness of the mixture.

  • Adhere strictly to the curing process, respecting the specific needs of the photopolymer and each application layer for optimal outcomes.

Material Description: Mineral Blend, washed and milled. Fine white powder. Odorless. 

Technical Information:

Brightness, % Reflectance (TAPPI) 87
Moisture, 105°C, max., % 1.5
Screen Residue, 325 mesh, % 0.005
pH, (100 g/250 ml H 2O 7
Average Stokes Equivalent Particle Diameter, microns .5
Median Particle Size, microns (Malvern LLS) 2.5
Specific Gravity 2.60
Bulking Value: lb/gal; gal./lb 21.7; 0.046
Hegman Grind 5+
Surface Area, BET, m2/g 16
Oil Absorption, g/100g 42
Bulk Density – Loose; Tamped (lbs/ft3) 12; 16
Crystalline Silica (quartz), % <0.10


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mineral products are subject to the normal variations related to the deposits from which they are mined.

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