Why Choose 3DRS

As an America 3D resin printer, it is important to consider where you buy your 3D Printing Resin from. While it may be tempting to purchase from overseas producers for low cost options, there are several compelling reasons to choose a local American Manufacturer like 3DRS instead:

1. Safety: Overseas manufacturers may not always adhere to the same safety standards as American manufacturers, or provide you with accurate safety data, which could be a concern if you are using 3D resin in your home or business. By choosing 3DRS, you can be sure that the resin has been produced to the highest safety standards and that the safety information is true and accurate to the current state of industry knowledge. We never sacrifice safety to reduce our costs with inexpensive and dangerous raw materials.

2. Responsible sourcing: Buying from a local American manufacturer means that you can be sure that the materials used in the resin are ethically and sustainably sourced, which is good for the environment and for the workers who produce the materials

3. Customer service: At 3DRS, we believe in offering personalized, responsive customer service. We take pride in making sure our customers have a good experience when they work with us. 

4. Supporting the local economy: When you buy from 3DRS, you're supporting American jobs and helping to boost the local economy. We believe in the importance of keeping production local and supporting our fellow American businesses

5. Quality control: At 3DRS, we pride ourselves on producing 3D printing resin that meets the highest standards of quality. Our strict quality control measures ensure that every batch of resin we produce is consistent and reliable. When you buy from us, you can be confident that you're getting a product that has been made to the highest standards.

Choosing 3DRS as your local American manufacturer for your 3D printing resin is a choice that can provide you with high-quality, reliable products, support the American economy, and ensure that you are using an honest and convenient product