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Our Flagship product. When we began Research and Development on 3D Printing Resin, our first goal was to create a strong, impact resistant yet mostly rigid product when fully cured. a product that could be used for both functional printing and hobbyists alike. HERO is that product. HERO handles tiny supports with fine detail as well as large and bulky prints without tearing or falling off the build plate. HERO utilizes a wide functioning photo-initiator package which allows HERO to print well on most all DLP / LCD 3D Printers. Use HERO with our UV pigments to easily create and replicate unique custom colors.  Find out more about HERO here.


3DRS Standard resin is an easy to use, plug and play resin designed for multi-purpose 3D printing. Standard is great for beginners and advanced printers alike. Easily utilize 3DRS Standard with pre-supported models or auto-support features. 3DRS is a rigid, hard resin that remains non-brittle allowing 3DRS Standard resin to be easily and safely removed from the build plate to be post processed with ease. Once properly cured, 3DRS is rigid and firm with moderate impact resistance. Reliably Produce high detail prints for business or avocations.


Designed for prototyping and functional printing, BLUEprint features excellent Tensile-strength, High Shore D Hardness, low Shrink, and high definition. Get more information on BLUEprint here.