Ordering Custom Colors


If a custom color option is denoted for the resin system you wish to purchase, you can purchase this custom color option and describe in the notes of the order the color specifications you are looking for. Examples would include a Pantone Number, Image link and/or a color swatch. If you are mailing in a physical color swatch be sure to let us know in the notes section of the order. Custom colors come in four main types; Tints, Semi-transparent, Opaque, and Pastels. You must denote which category you would prefer within the notes section of your order (see bellow Image) 

To improve color communication, we will provide a single-color proof for approval before we manufacture and ship any custom color request unless a HERO formula is provided directly. We will generate your custom color and print a test bone at three different thicknesses; 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm. Custom colors are heavily influenced by the thickness of the print, we will photograph your test bones and email the images to you for written color approval. If you are dissatisfied with the custom color after receiving the images of your test print, simply notify us that you would like to cancel the order and a refund will be submitted.

(HERO Blue printed in each color category in three different thicknesses; Tint, Semi-Transparent, Opaque, and Pastel) 

When a custom color is approved, the color will be issued a custom color number – ex BN19001 – use this custom color number to order your custom color in the future. All custom color formulations are saved both physically and electronically. 3D Resin Solutions reserves the right to make any custom color available for general purchase.

Submit physical color swatches to: 3D Resin Solutions, 1610 Shanahan Drive, South Elgin, IL 60177


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