Additional Industrial Applications

Beyond what is generally available on the web store, 3DRS offers a wide range of 3D photopolymer solutions in our ever-expanding line-up of formulation and formulation combinations.

3DRS Formulates custom material for industrial applications, contact us with your project and we will discuss how 3DRS may have the solutions you require.

Currently available Industrial 3D photopolymer applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Flame Retardant 3D Photopolymer
    1. Excellent choice for electronics are automobile parts. Can be modified to suite a wide range of mechanical properties.
  • Conductive 3D Photopolymer using carbon nanotubes.
    1. Excellent choice for electronics – disperses and dissipates static electricity. Can be modified to suite a wide range of mechanical properties.
  • Extremely tough and Impact 3D Photopolymer
    1. Formulated for extreme weather ability and toughness (Up to 300-400% elongation)
  • Gasket, Seals, Orings 3D Photopolymer
    1. Extremely tough, flexible, and compressible material. Water and Oil resistant
  • Security features for 3D Photopolymer
    1. Proprietary methods for product authentication.
  • Engineering Resins - Designed with your application in mind. Customizable mechanical properties designed for your application. 

Global investments in 3D technology is paving the way to new inclusions into industrial additive manufacturing applications. We work closely with our vendors to source the latest in U.V. curable technology. 

Contact us today to discuss your unique application, we look forward to working with you.