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Step into the future of dentistry with BioDent Pro 3D Dental Printing Resin, your American-made, sustainable solution for creating precise, superior dental models. Engineered for high performance and environmental friendliness, BioDent Pro combines a bio-based methacrylate backbone with the rigor of ISO-9001 quality standards.

For DLP and/or LCD 3D Printers. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  1. American-Made Quality: BioDent Pro is proudly produced in the USA, reflecting the high-quality craftsmanship of American manufacturing.

  2. ISO-9001 Certified: BioDent Pro is shipped directly from our warehouse and adheres strictly to ISO-9001 quality standards. Each batch undergoes comprehensive quality checks, ensuring consistency and dependability.

  3. Bio-Based Content: BioDent Pro's methacrylate backbone is manufactured with high bio-based renewable content - the future of 3D Photopolymer

  4. Precision & Accuracy: BioDent Pro's remarkable accuracy enables the creation of complex and intricate structures. 

  5. Superior Mechanical Properties: Experience high-strength, durability, and superior hardness with BioDent Pro. The resin ensures minimal shrinkage and distortion, guaranteeing high-quality, reliable dental applications.

  6. Smooth Matte Finish: BioDent Pro produces dental models with a clean, smooth matte finish, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

  7. Easy Post-Processing: BioDent Pro simplifies the washing and post-curing process, allowing dental models to be polished easily to a high-quality finish.

  8. Bulk Discounts: We offer attractive bulk discounts on BioDent Pro to cater to high volume needs, making it a cost-effective choice for dental practices.

 Order Size $/kg
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Easy Pour Jug (4kg)  99.99
Box or Two Easy Pour Jugs (8kg)  89.99
Box of Four Easy Pour Jugs (16kg)  79.99


Common Uses:

BioDent Pro 3D Dental Printing Resin is suitable for a wide range of applications, 

  • Orthodontic Models: Create precise and customized orthodontic models to plan and demonstrate treatments for patients.

  • Crown and Bridge Models: The resin can be used to create accurate models for the design and fitting of crowns and bridges, improving the speed and success of these procedures.

  • Dental Arch Models: Create detailed dental arch models to study occlusion, alignment, and other orthodontic concerns.

  • Dental Educational Tools: Use BioDent Pro to create dental models that can be used as educational tools, enhancing patient understanding of procedures and treatments.

Note:  BioDent Pro 3D Dental Printing Resin is not currently tested for or intended for applications that require biocompatibility or involve prolonged skin contact. Always follow proper handling instructions.

Embrace the future of dentistry with BioDent Pro 3D Dental Printing Resin, a product that perfectly marries innovation with sustainability and quality. Trust in BioDent Pro for your dental 3D printing needs – a testament to American craftsmanship and commitment to a greener planet

Store In a Cool Dry Space. Review all safety information before handling 3D photopolymer. Please note that BioDent Pro 3D Dental Printing Resin is not currently tested for, or intended for applications that require biocompatibility or involve prolonged skin contact. 

Download the Technical Data Sheet for BioDent Pro 

Download the Safety Data Sheet for BioDent

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