3DRS Rapid Grey

3DRS Rapid Grey

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#1 best selling material for 3D Printing Businesses 2022

Rapid has been updated to increase opacity and is now sold as a light Grey to increase detail and surface finish (09/08/2023) 

Reliable, high strength, Rapid Printing and Prototyping DLP/LCD 3D Printing Resin. A multi-purpose 3D printing resin that is perfect for businesses and daily printing. RAPID (aka HARD) is  widely used in 3D printing businesses and is great choices for general purpose daily 3D printing. 

Understanding Mechanical Properties: 

3DRS RAPID is a High E-Mod Product / High Tensile Strength Product. Elastic modulus, refers to the amount of stress a material can withstand before it starts to deform permanently. A higher elastic modulus means a material can withstand more stress before deforming, making it stiffer. The benefit of a high elastic modulus is that it makes the printed object more rigid, which can be useful for parts that require high precision and accuracy. This does not mean the material is brittle - simply more difficult to bend. 

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Notched Izod Impact Testing 23.5 j/m2
Tensile Strength 7,208 - 9,553 (psi) 
Elastic Modulus  392,500 - 445,000 (psi) 
Elongation at Break  4%
Shore D 80-85
Linear Shrink 3.5%
UV Peak Absorption:  405nm

Designed for printing on DLP/LCD 3D Printers including but not limited to UNIZ, Elegoo, Anycubic, Creality Resin Printers, Zortrax Inkspire, monoprice MP minni, Phrozen, Sonic, etc, etc. 

NOTE: the final products printed with U.V Resins are not intended or acceptable for direct food contact and are not safe to place in the mouth, even when properly dried and cured. Do not print products for any person or pet who may chew on or otherwise orally ingest the product.

Download Safety Data Sheet Here

Store & Usage:
1.Store in a cool DARK place between 18-28C - Keep container away from light exposure during storage to avoid light contamination. 
2. Avoid any direct sunlight during usage. 
3. Shake well before use.
4. After printing, post wash your print in IPA alcohol with the content of above 90 Or HERO WASH
5. Use at temperature 18-28C


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