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This latest batch of MUD mixed on 12/22/2022 was test printed using a Loot Studios model (shown in product image) on the MONO X 4k at 3.5s (30um) - The material was overexposed - Tests show it should print well at lower exposures on most Mono Screen printers. This batch of MUD is a semi-transparent Purple and handles detail quite well. This material would be ideal as a draft resin for priming and painting. If you don't wish to prime and paint - I recommend adding 3-4% White from our CMYKW pigment sets to bring out a very nice pastel purple that would be great for your tabletop games or shelf models. More information on MUD below.  

WHAT IS MUD: In Short, 3DRS MUD is combined leftover material and/or material that is out of spec for it's brand designation. All Colors, all resin systems, mixed together and tested for functionality. With each batch of 3D Resin manufactured here at 3DRS comes a small amount of leftover material.  This is unavoidable and over time this really adds up!  Typically, this material would become waste. Instead, we decided to combine these leftover materials together and offer the result to reduce waste. whatever we get, we get. Each and every batch will be different so do not expect to get the same product twice. 

This is a bargain! MUD is high quality 3D Printing Resin available to you at a fraction of the cost. Available while supplies last. We fully test for functionality before selling.

There are no warranties expressed or implied. All sales are final.

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NOTE: the final products printed with U.V Resins are not intended or acceptable for direct food contact and are not safe to place in the mouth, even when properly dried and cured. Do not print products for any person or pet who may chew on or otherwise orally ingest the product.

Download Safety Data Sheet Here

Credit to designer: The model featured in the product image was designed by Artisan Guild. 

Store & Usage:
1.Store in a cool DARK place between 18-28C - Keep container away from light exposure during storage to avoid light contamination. 
2. Avoid any direct sunlight during usage. 
3. Shake well before use.
4. After printing, post wash your print in IPA alcohol with the content of above 90 Or HERO WASH
5. Use at temperature 18-28C


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